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We are passionate about building technology that pushes the boundaries of human innovation and enables individuals to control their own healthcare journey.

Our Story

Vironix was formed by passionate scientists, physicians, technologists, and entrepreneurs who have amassed decades of research, development, and commercialization expertise in machine-learned applications, respiratory/cardiovascular disease patient care, and consumer health technologies. The team of long-time collaborators was spurred to action when Novel Coronavirus spread across the globe leaving unparalleled infection, death, and economic destruction in its wake. Vironix’s core members knew that their collective understanding of chronic/viral disease progression and patient engagement technologies could produce healthcare solutions that would help to stem infection spread and improve wellness in businesses, schools, and hospitals around the world.   

Vironix’s approach to combating degenerative disease progression and viral spread merges evolving disease management principles with cutting edge machine-learning algorithms that are trained on global clinical characteristic data of both diagnosed and at-risk individuals (the type of health data that is effective as compared to medical records because it is collected during the disease evolution process rather than at point-of-care). The advantage of these approaches is that they yield accurate and relevant early detection assessments that are customized to individuals. Moreover, these algorithms are deployed in managed APIs that deliver a mix of diagnostic, triage, and long-term health tracking information to individuals through a variety of hardware devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, continuous monitoring devices) and existing software (HR, payroll, mobile health apps, etc). This strategy allows us to deliver proactive, accessible, and low cost healthcare at scale where organizations thrive and function.

Vironix specializes in early detection and remote care of infectious and chronic illnesses. Visit our products pages to learn more about our SaaS and API offerings, and take a look at our science page to see the depth of scientific rigor and human testing that has gone into Vironix’s innovations.

The frontline of the

battle against

infectious and

chronic illness is in

peoples’ homes

and daily activities.

Vironix is helping organizations around the world to realize the social and economic benefit of prioritizing safety, wellness, and proactive healthcare in everyday business operations.

Founding & Senior Members 

Sumanth Swaminathan

Sumanth Swaminathan, PhD

Founder & CEO

Botros Toro, PhD

Founder & Product Architect

Sriram Ramanathan

Sriram Ramanathan, MS

Founder & Advisor

Mahesh Visvanathan, MS MBA

COO & Business Development Officer

Medical Expertise

Dr. Chris Landon

Christopher Landon

MD Pulmonology

Marat Fudim

Marat Fudim

MD Cardiologist

Nicholas Wysham

MD Pulmonology

Andrew Ambrosy

MD Cardiologist 

Ramesh Nathan

MD Infectious Disease

minority owned business
Vironix Health - Certified Minority Owned Business (MBE)