Getting Started Guide - Vironix

Getting Started Guide

Initial Configuration

1) You will get an email from Vironix asking you to enroll in the CovidX software (you will be the only admin user)
2) Open the link and set up your profile (it will ask you questions about your normal health and exposure to covid-19 before it gives you a quick assessment of how high a priority you would be for virus testing). Once you finish your screening, you will be dropped into your patient profile center.
3) Send the same link to your employees and have them enroll. Once they’ve enrolled, all of your employees should check in with the assessment software every morning before they come to/start work (it takes about 30 seconds or less).
4) Once your employees enroll, you (as the only admin) will be able toย monitor your employees compliance withย their morning assessments and what their “work-from-home” recommendation is each day.
5) You can access the employer dashboard through the top right menu on your employee dashboard.

Employer Dashboard

Employee monitoring and organizational setup is all done via the employer dashboard.
To access the employer dashboard, please navigate the link through the top right menu of your employee dashboard.


Assign monitoring management responsibilities or roles to employees:
1. Go to ‘members” in the left-hand bar
2. Select member(s) whose role you want to change and make them an admin.
3. The admin will be able to see everyone’s work-from-home recommendations and user compliance.


Automated Email Reminders
We suggest that you go to settings in the employer dashboard after you’ve enrolled and turn on e-mail notifications. This will create automated email reminders to your employees if they haven’t done their assessment on a particular day.

Monitoring Devices

We suggest that you buy or reimburse your employees for the devices in the links below (it will be a nice, inexpensive benefit and incentive for them to use the monitoring software and protect their health).
This is not mandatory, but the software works best at detecting health problems if users enter their oxygen saturation, heart rate, and temperature everyday which will be shown on their devices (the daily assessments take seconds and are easy to work with).
(Note that these devices are HSA and FSA eligible!)

Additional Support

If you have any software/support questions, you can send an email toย