Vironix Health - Shield your organization from viral outbreaks

Now more than ever, global employers and healthcare institutions understand the importance of remote monitoring and early detection of population health concerns associated with Covid-19, Influenza, and numerous infectious illnesses.

Created in collaboration with scientists, pulmonologists, internists and infectious disease specialists, CovidX is the only surveillance software that uses machine-learned APIs to collect virus-specific signs and symptoms and interpret their severity in real time.

Rapid assessment

CovidX is helping employers and employees to self-monitor their symptoms and signs, catch infections early, and improve their overall health while putting privacy and data security front and center!

Early detection

Early detection of health deterioration is key to facilitating rapid symptom management and minimizing infection spread within organizations of all sizes

User Privacy

Developed under FDA guidelines, CovidX is a patient decision support software that minimizes unnecessary health data transmission between institutions and individuals.

Safety Guidelines

CovidX can provide employers with personalized summary health scores to facilitate work-from home strategies on local and global scales

CovidX uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to characterize the onset, progression and severity of coronaviruses.

Employee Health Monitoring

Global governments and health institutions have issued mandates to organizations on risk mitigation strategies to be instituted prior to opening business in the world of Covid-19. Vironix has built a crucial software platform that helps employers to responsibly monitor personnel symptoms and signs while putting employee privacy front and center and complying with government guidelines.